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Do you buy antiques and estates?

Yes we do, but we are very selective in the merchandise that we select. If you have a piece or estate that you are interested in selling please email us a photo with your name, contact information and a small description of the item and we will get back to you.

Will you take consignment?

Yes we do, but every situation is unique so please contact us with your inquiries.

How can I get a restoration estimate?

In order to receive an estimate for the restoration of your antique, please email us a photo with your name and contact information. Also please include a brief description of what you would like restored on the item. Or you can call or email us to make an appointment (you can either bring your item to the store or we can come to you) so that we can see the item in person.

Do you make estimates for insurance claims?

Yes we do. Each scenario is different, please contact us. A fee is applied for each estimate , which is then subtracted total price from the future work of the piece. The average estimate price is no less than $100.

What do you restore?

We restore everything with the exception of glass, porcelain, and jewelry. Nor do we repair leather tears on new leather furniture or fabric tears on new fabric furniture. We do however restore vintage leather, fabric and tapestries (which includes cleaning).

What types of restoration can you do?

We specialize in antique restoration, which includes:
Refinishing, Hand stripping, Adapting furniture for today's needs, Reupholstering, Gold and silver Leafing, Caning, Re-gluing, Hand carving, Faulk Finishing, Veneers and Inlays, Replacing leather tops with gold embossing.

Do you do Upholstery?

Yes, but mostly on antique frames.

Do you pick up or delivery?

Yes, we pick up and deliver. Pick up and deliveries are done by Evanstonia Inc, we do not hire outside delivery companies. Delivery is a convenience to our customers. Delivery charges vary (but are kept reasonable) from what is delivered and where the delivery is made.

How long does it take to refinish a piece?

From the initial meeting to the delivery, it usually takes 4-8 weeks. We can provide an express service on an “emergency” basis.

Will my furniture be devalued after restoring?

Articles that are extremely old or are historically important should be evaluated before refinishing. These pieces may need restoration as opposed to refinishing. The great majority of pieces will actually increase in appeal and will have their usefulness and life prolonged with a professional refinishing and proper care by the owner.

What is the difference between restoring and refinishing?

Refinishing is the complete rework of an item while restoration keeps the original appearance of the item.

Is my furniture worth refinishing?

Factors that may affect your decision are an emotional attachment (such as a gift or a family heirloom), functionality of the piece in its current state (usually a table will be more valuable with it’s legs glued back on then broken), the need to have it match another piece of furniture or woodwork, or the desire to change the color or have a custom finish. Compare the cost of refinishing with the cost of a similar piece from a quality furniture store. The odds are good that your furniture is made of higher quality materials and better constructed than a piece that you would purchase from the furniture store today.

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